Home Game Parking Guidelines

Band students and concession stand workers

Parking is Free for band students (Guard, Instrumentalists & SSG) and for Concession stand workers on Friday night in the West Homewood Park upper parking lot only. Please enter the main entrance of the West Homewood Park and go all the way to the end (past the pool) to the parking lot at the upper soccer field. There is a stairway from that lot that enters the stadium by the visitors ticket booth. This gate will open at 5:00 pm. If you are working in the concession stands, your name will be on the gate list. You may choose to park in the Main Stadium parking lot and pay the $5.00 parking fee.

If you choose to park in the warehouse area on Friday nights, remember parking in the warehouse area is a privilege. This is private parking. There is absolutely no parking on the street. This is a no parking area and vehicles will be towed. Ryder Truckinghave Big 18 wheeler trucks going in and out all day and night. The trucks cannot fit around the curve by the back lot to the stadium if any cars are park along the curbs. Park in a parking space.